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Technical Introduction of the Heating Welder
Hotplate welding
Fixed to the jig up and down for the complex is heated to a temperature slightly higher
than the melting temperature of the material.To solidify by cooling until the weld when
the weld area is fully melted, remove the plates and cross-pressurized after forming
Long welding time but the disadvantages of the initial equipment cost is expensive
compared to other welding methods for complex Large (up to for complexes: plastic
paelreot, to 1400 1100 mm), welding seam is curved and complex products
(Analgesic automotive lamps speakers balls, etc.), if the absolute welding method
Diverse range of industrial applications such as automotive, electronics, packaging,
medical equipment, office containers, sports and leisure goods, hot plate welding process
is applied in the automotive industry, especially in the growing trend. Example), fuel filter,
fuel tank, float, rechargeable battery, radiator expansion tank, bumpers, power steering
tanks, etc.
The principle of operation of the hot plate welder
1.Welding products

2.Hotplate input

3.Pressurized, molten

4.Remove the hotplate

5.Complexes squeezed for cooling

6.Remove the tops jig, welding products deodorizing

The structure of the hot plate welder
  Jig : Part of the fixed welding products.
  Hot Plate :Part to heat the weld area.
  Drive : Moving parts, jig and plates.
  Control :Adjust the temperature of the heater,
and the behavior of the entire machine control
Hotplate heating method
  1) Direct Heating Method
main hot plate
The Rod Type the heater and thermal sensor is equipped with the necessary number
considering the heat distribution that is suitable for complex.
Placed in the proper position so that a uniform temperature hot plate full.
Heater insert size is important
To the difference in coefficient of thermal expansion of the heater and the heat sink
        and when replacing the heater and the heat loss problem.
heating plate
Machined to fit the shape of the product.Not melt during welding stick Teflon coating.
For its replacement to open handy when welding and re-coating a variety of products.
Rod Type
Durability and precise dimensions required
Depending on the size and shape of the product, installation quantity and
position of the appropriate heater is important.
Placed in the proper position to the hotplate of the even heat distribution.
  2) How to indirect heating
Fixing plate
According to the size of the product installed on one or more reflectors
at the top and bottom.
Serves to heat only the areas you want to concentrate the heat generated
from the heater
Exposed type of durable heater
Pressurized hot plate and how to move
  1) How to pressurize
Air type
Pressing force and the plates move, the stroke device
driving force : Pneumatic
Maximum size of weldings : 300300
Maximum Applied Pressure : 400kg
Economic model
Simplicity, weld strength is not required.
The stroke unit (pneumatic) pressing force (hydraulic) and hotplate
with two driving force
Maximum size of weldings : 800650
Maximum Applied Pressure : 3 ton
Welding of large and complex product
Pressurization and multistage speed adjustment, high weld strength
and precision welding.
Durable mechanism
  2) How to move the hot plate
Hotplate fixed
Firmly the hotplate on both sides, to prevent deformation in the upper and lower
pressing force fixed
melt products is fixed and the upper extremity that he pressurized hot plate
at the same time.
Upper and lower stroke device configuration
The height of the machine is high
Hotplate Move
Using the upper jig Pressforce only
Move up and down on a hot plate and hot plate fixed to one side of
the hot plate fixed to the added horizontal
Hot plate to move the upper jig stroke unit and stroke unit configuration
The underlying device is not in the low and lower the height of the machine
is easy to install automated instruments (index, conveyor)
How to weld plates
Flanged weld When you require a pressurized area in order to
improve the melt strength for the complexes show
Linear weld Appearance, regardless of the shape of the inside mounting
of the tank when the melt (oil tanks, water tanks, etc.)
Internal / exterior appearance is important when welding
(Leisure, cosmetics boxes, etc.)
Cover-welding Exterior appearance is important when welding
(Lamps, car batteries, etc.)